To manufacture a product of the highest quality, there are a number of factors that we consider; such as purpose of the product and under what conditions it will be used. To ensure this, raw materials are procured from the most trusted vendors in the market. The products are manufactured as per international quality standards to ensure good finish, durability and reliability. We take pride in presenting our range of products for commercial, passenger and utility vehicles in the automotive sector.

  • Spare Wheel Carrier Assembly for Passenger and Utility Vehicles.
  • Structural Parts for Doors of Passenger, Commercial and Utility Vehicles.
  • Engine Mounting Parts for Passenger and Utility Vehicles.
  • Rear Suspension Parts for Passenger Vehicles and Trucks.
  • Gear Box Links
  • Power-Steering Assembly Parts for Commercial Vehicles.
  • Aluminium Components for Temperature Control of Radiators.
  • Differential Case and Cover for Rear Axle Section of Commercial Vehicles.
  • Bearing Tubes for Gear Box.

Customized solutions

For customers that don’t know exactly what they need regarding factors such as design, materials, logistics and production etc. we can help you develop the perfect plan to reach your goal. Providing innovative ideas is part of what we do to keep the business successful and running. Give us an idea of your needs, and we will provide you with a customised solution!

This will allow us to create exactly the product you require, and to achieve the results you expect.